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I’m Matthias, a software architect and developer based in Germany. Currently working in the automotive industry, my main focus lies on cloud-technologies like Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift and their applications in the context of high-scale test-infrastructures for automotive software.

Working for more than five years in different roles in the aviation and automotive industry, I was able to achieve a technical background in various interesting fields, which I am hopefully able to convey in this blog.

If interested, you can find my biography below or check out my curriculum vitae.


Growing up in an academic family, my interest in natural sciences and technology in general developed early in my childhood.

After graduating high-school, I started my career as an aerospace engineering student while working as a software developer for the German Aerospace Center. This gave me the exciting opportunity to apply my knowledge in electrical engineering and embedded software development on real test-flight aerial vehicles.

Moving forward with a master’s degree study in software and systems engineering I made the first contact with the concepts of cloud and distributed computing, not expecting that this turned out to be my profession.

Living in northern Germany, where Volkswagen has its headquarter, the step going into the automotive industry was not far away, starting out with applying my knowledge in 3D computer vision for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and the development of driver assistant systems.

Since then, questions around software-based simulations and how to test automotive software on scale characterized my career path, giving me the possibility to currently work in the exciting field of container-based virtualization.

And when not currently digging into new technologies, I enjoy nothing more than indulging my passion for music. Be it playing on my piano, learning new songs on the guitar or just listening to music for hours. Talking with me about music is a guaranteed ice-breaker and if combined with a good cup of coffee we will get along just fine.